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Dolphin Tours, Fishing Charters, & Scuba Diving for those in the Seagrove FL area.

 Our Three Experiences Packages


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$150/Per Hour

5 Hours Minimum
Up to 6 Passengers
USCG Approved
Licensed Captains

Dolphin Encounters

Swim alongside dolphins with our dolphin tour package! We are not an aquarium, our dolphin encounters are fun in small or large groups!
$49/Per Person
Group Discount Avail!
Up to 6 Passengers
USCG Approved
Licensed Captains
Snorkeling Included!

Scuba Diving

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$150/2 Hours
2 Hours Minimum
4 People Max
USCG Approved
Certified Dive Masters
Are you itching to go for another adventure with your friends or family? Does swimming with dolphins, snorkeling and scuba diving under the sea pique your interest? If you're unintentionally nodding yes then book a private tour with Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours & More LLC and enjoy the sea like you never have before.

We, humans, are creatures of the land. The sea or ocean is an unknown entity for us and majority of the information we know about these bodies of water came from textbooks or the National Geographic, including the fact that the Earth is 71% water!

Rather than be afraid of the unknown, why not discover it with Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours & More LLC? We offer a wide variety of activities in Panama City that you and your family will surely enjoy. 


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We have scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, bottom fishing, spear fishing and more! Panama City Beach Dolphins Tour & More LLC guarantee that you will definitely enjoy your open sea experience. This is why we snag the top spot on Trip Advisor's website for dolphin tours here in Panama City.

If you are worried about your safety, don't. This is our top priority which is why our boats and trips are handled only by USCG approved and licensed captains. Moreover, any activities done in open water are carried out with the proper guidance of our certified dive masters.

We always make sure that our customers feel safe when they ride our boats. We want them to enjoy themselves when they are out in the open water with us. We at Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour want our patrons to treasure the memories and experiences they have. 

Dolphin Tour Gallery

Look at some of our greatest dive trips.
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Let's Explore The Ocean Together

Look at some of our greatest dive trips.
Are you planning to go for a vacation and would want to have one of the best vacations ever? Let us, Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour & More LLC be your guide in the water.

If your usual summer vacation is all about enjoying the beach shores or sun tanning, how about altering it a bit and making it more exciting? Does scuba diving at the Seagrove sound like a good idea? Well, we have that water activity and more.

You see, Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours is not just an ordinary dolphin tour business. We want our guests to enjoy and experience the open waters in Panama City. Apart from scuba diving, we offer various water activities such as snorkeling, spear fishing and more!

If you are worried about being out in the water with us, don't. This is because we have certified dive masters that will be with you to assist you in your undersea journey. They will be there to make sure that you are safe but at the same time, enjoying the experience.

We also offer dolphin tour packages where we will take you to the area where dolphins are visible. Rather than see them confined in a cramped space, you will bear witness to how they enjoy being in their natural habitat - the open sea. You can swim with them and play with them as you will be in the water with our dive masters.

We guarantee that once you've tried our tours, you will want to keep coming back and even bring friends or family with you! No worries because our private tour services can accommodate large groups. We even have a single boat that can take up to 16 passengers. Also, there is no age requirement for our tour so if you have a toddler, you can bring them with you on this trip. Our boats are being handled and supervised by licensed captains.

Pick up that phone and book now for your next great water adventure with the family. Our numbers are (850) 571 5455 or (850) 974 3433.

About Us

Tour Info

Panama City Beach Dolphins Tour & More LLC has been in the tour business since February 2010. The main reason why we have put this business is due to our love for the ocean.

We can stay in the open water for hours and just enjoy the scenery and the calmness of the water. We just cannot believe that people only want to stay at the beach or swim just a few meters away from the shore.

We had the urge to take people out in the open water and witness how dolphins are when they are in their natural habitat. We did not want to stop there, we thought of different activities where we can educate people about the sea and also let them know and experience its beauty.

We have slowly expanded our business and our activities now include snorkeling, scuba diving, bottom fishing and more. Our goal is for our customers to feel the happiness that we feel whenever we are out in the sea and enjoying nature in a different way.

Our regular customers can attest to how much they enjoyed the tour and their open water experience with Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour & More LLC. We don't want to brag but we would not get the number one spot from Trip Advisor if our services are not above excellence, right?

We hope that by the time you decide to enjoy and experience the sea, you will choose Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour & More LLC and we will guarantee that you will have fun with the various water activities that we have in store for our customers.

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